Soil & Fertilizer

Premium Planting Soil

A rich soil blend high in organic content.


Available bagged or bulk.

Bulk orders loaded on your truck or trailer.



1 cubic ft.




Loaded on small trucks or trailers

$14.95 per 1/3 cubic yard (9 cubic ft.)

Loaded on large trucks or trailers

$26.95 per 1 cubic yard (27 cubic ft.)

19-19-19 Granular Fertilizer

All purpose fertilizer for landscape use.  See our fertilizing page for more information.

5# bag



0-46-0 Granular Fertilizer

High phosphate content promotes root growth and flower formation.

5# bag



14-14-14 Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

Professional grade complete and balanced fertilizer feeds for 3 months.  Includes micronutrients for optimal plant growth.  The ideal way to fertilize all your landscape plants.

40# bag


Aluminum Sulfate

Used to acidify the soil.  The best product for making your Endless Summer hydrangea flowers blue.  For more information visit our Endless Summer Hydrangea care page.

5# bag