Design Services - Blueprint


A fee is required for Blueprint Landscape Design.  For complementary design options please see our Consultation and Living Copy pages.


The following outlines the steps for preparing a blueprint.  In the example below a customer is interested in landscaping the front of his residence.

We will start by scheduling a consultation.  The illustrations above show examples of two items you should bring:

  1. Photographs of the area.  Snapshots on your mobile device are fine.  If you like, you can print them at home or email them to and we will print them for you.
  2. A simple birds-eye sketch with measurements of the area.  It doesn't need to be elaborate or to scale.


During the initial consultation we will discuss the landscape stock you would like to use for the project and answer any questions you may have.


We will begin working on your blueprint as soon as we have the necessary information.

The example above shows a completed blueprint.


A consultation will be scheduled when your blueprint is complete.  At this time we will discuss the design and address any installation questions you may have.


For additional information please call 574-586-3208 or email to


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