Design Services - Living Copy


Living Copy is a complementary service that duplicates your landscape project here at the nursery.  We work with you to create the perfect look, using your favorite plants.  The example below shows how it works.

Step 1

To start your Living Copy we need some information.  Please bring the following:

  • A snapshot of the area you are interested in landscaping.  See the example above.  You can bring printed photos or we can view them on your mobile device.  You may email them to and we will print them for you.
  • Dimensions of the landscape bed.  This landscape bed measures 6' wide by 30' long.

Step 2

When you arrive at the nursery we will start by marking the border of your landscape bed on the ground.  Note the green dotted line in the photo above.

Step 3

Next we browse the sales yard with you to choose the best varieties to use in your landscape.  Then we arrange the plants within the border.

We continue to fine-tune the arrangement until you are satisfied.  When the project is complete you may want to take a couple of snapshots to help you recall the layout.

Step 4

The finished project.  Your personal touch with guidance by professionals.


Enjoy your new landscaping!


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Walkerton, IN 46574

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