Frequently Asked Questions


I am unsure on how to plant my new landscape stock.  Do you have any planting tips?

Yes.  See our planting guide.


When should I fertilize?

The nursery stock we sell has sufficient fertilizer for the first growing season.  Additional fertilizer is not recommended until the following spring.  See our fertilizing guide for more information.

How often should I water?

Proper watering is crucial for your new landscape stock to thrive.  The first year is most important.  During this time the plants are dependent on you for supplemental water.  Rainfall by itself will not be sufficient.  There are many variables that have an influence on watering frequency and amount.  These variables make it impossible for us to provide a simple guideline such as "water twice a week".  The best advice:  water enough to keep the soil evenly moist (but not muddy) throughout the entire root zone.  If you are unsure, dig a small hole beside a plant down to the bottom of the rootball.  The soil should be moist all the way to the bottom.  Light soil such as sand will dry more quickly than heavy clay soil.

How should I care for my perennials after the tops turn brown for the winter?

You may remove the tops of your perennials anytime after the foliage turns brown in the fall.  If you wait until spring to remove this old growth be sure to do so no later than March 15th.  When cutting always leave at least one inch of old growth to avoid damaging the crown of your perennials.

I would like to leave my ornamental grasses up for the winter.  Is this ok?

Yes.  Many people like to leave their ornamental grasses up for the winter.  You will need to cut them back in the spring before March 15th.  Always leave at least one inch of old growth to avoid damaging the crown of your ornamental grasses.

Can I burn the dormant tops of my ornamental grasses instead of cutting them?

No.  Ornamental grasses can be injured or killed by burning them.  Always remove the tops by cutting.

There is rope wrapped around the trunk of the tree I just purchased.  Do I remove it?

No.  It helps support the tree while it is becoming established.  This biodegradable rope will rot away before girdling the trunk.

I am having difficulty growing plants near my black walnut tree.  Can you help?

You can grow many varieties of plants close to black walnut trees.  Certain plants are intolerant.  Purdue University publishes information on this subject.  Click here to download.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes.  Gift certificates may be picked up at the nursery or ordered by phone.

Do you offer assistance with landscape design?

Yes.  See our design services page.

Will you come to my home or place of business to prepare a landscape plan?

No.  We have found the best way to create a landscape plan is for you to visit us. See our design services page for more information.

Can you advise me on the right plant for certain spot?

Yes.  We know what plant will work best.  We will make recommendations based on factors such as mature size and sun or shade preference.  A snapshot and dimensions of the area can be helpful.

Do you deliver?

No.  We depend on our customers to transport their plants.  We provide professional loading assistance at the nursery which includes complementary tie downs, blocks, and protection for your vehicle interior.

Do you install landscape stock?

No.  We rely on our customers to do the planting.  Helpful planting advice may be found here.


Are the varieties and sizes of plants in your catalog all that you have for sale?

If you need something that you do not see in our catalog, please contact us.  We try our best to satisfy all special requests.  If we cannot provide it, we may be able to recommend a substitute.

I need a larger quantity than I see in your sales yard.  Can you provide more?

Often times, yes.  We continually restock our sales yard from March through November.  Let us know what you need and we will do our best.

I see plants in the field that are not in the sales yard.  Are they available?

Possibly.  If you are interested in something in the field, let us know and we will be happy to dig it for you if it is available.

I have chosen landscape stock from the field.  How long before I can pick up my order?

Typically less than 3 days.


Will you hold plants over the phone until I can pick them up?

We will hold most plants for up to 48 hours by phone.

I would like to reserve my plants now but I will not be ready to pick them up for a while.  Can you hold them for me?

We will hold your paid order for up to 3 weeks in most cases.

Do you guarantee your plants?

Yes.  Please see the guarantee page for more information.