Endless Summer Hydrangea


Choose a location with all day shade or morning sun with afternoon shade.


Make one application of slow release fertilizer each year in May.

Winter Care

To ensure overwintering success the following is recommended.

  • Cover the plant with a layer of insulating mulch in late November.  Make a mound of organic material such as leaves or straw over the base of the plant at least four inches thick.  Remove mulch the following spring on May 15th.
  • In the spring the plant will grow from the base and from any branches that survived the winter.  Once you see the branches bud out in the spring you may prune back any branches that do not show signs of growth.

Blue Flowers (optional)

Your Endless Summer hydrangea will produce blue flowers in acidic soil.

  • Aluminum sulfate works well for acidifying the soil around your hydrangea.
  • Water your hydrangea well before applying aluminum sulfate.
  • Mix one tablespoon aluminum sulfate in one gallon of water.  Apply to the soil around the plant.  Avoid splashing the leaves.
  • Start applications when you uncover your hydrangea in the spring and continue every two weeks until flowering has finished.

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