Do not remove brown paper pots or burlap.  They are designed to rot away.  If the plant is in a brown paper pot, tear off the top down to the soil level as shown in the picture.

Carefully remove plastic pots keeping as much dirt intact on the rootball as possible.

Dig the hole the same depth as the rootball and six inches wider than the rootball.  Center the rootball in the hole.

Backfill the cavity between the rootball and the hole in stages.  Add a few inches of dirt at a time and compact it as you work your way to the top of the hole.  It is important for the soil around the rootball to be firm with no air pockets.

If your soil is of poor quality it is a good idea to fill the cavity with a high quality garden soil.

Rake the area smooth and make certain there is no dirt mounded up around the base of the plant.  If desired, put down weed barrier and mulch at this time.  Tall landscape stock should be staked to avoid damage in a windstorm.

Water your plants so that the soil stays moist throughout the entire root zone.  This is especially important during the first year while your plants are becoming established.


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